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MBCambodia Joins Bakong System to Accept Payments and Fund Transfer via KHQR

Aug 29, 2023

PHNOM PENH, 29th August 2021 – MBCambodia Bank is pleased to announce that it has become a new member of Cambodia’s Bakong System. Bakong is a state-backed digital payment platform that enables customers to easily make digital payments and fund transfer more easily via QR codes scan on smartphone or.


Through this collaboration, MBCambodia Bank customers can now enjoy the convenience of making payments and fund transfers with their smartphones easier. This represents a significant step in the bank's commitment to providing innovative, secure, and convenient banking solutions to customers.


We are excited to join forces with the Bakong to offer financial solutions that exceptional in simplicity, convenience, and security.” said Mr. Nguyen Anh Khan, CEO of MBCambodia Bank. “At MBCambodia Bank, we are focused on providing the best possible customer experience, and this partnership further enhances our commitment to delivering innovative and efficient banking solutions through digital platform.


Bakong is a platform that has been developed by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in collaboration with many commercial banks and payment service providers. It aims to facilitate interbank transactions and promote financial inclusion in Cambodia.


With the growing trend towards digital adoption, this partnership comes at a prime time when customers are seeking more convenient and secure on both payment options and fund transfer. MBCambodia Bank is committed to providing innovative solutions to the market while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


To learn more about MBCambodia Bank's digital banking solutions, visit our website: https://www.mbcambodia.com/en/digital-banking