Saving/ Deposit

We bring you closer to your financial goals.

Saving/ Deposit

MBCambodia offers all types of deposit products that help you manage your fund in a safe, effective and profitable way.

Personal Saving

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Auto Loan

Key benefits

Choices to receive your interest income monthly, quarterly, or at maturity

Able to receive interest depending on real deposit term for early closure

Free monthly account service fee

Fixed deposit certificate can be used as a collateral for granting short term loan, prove financial capacity, or other banking service


Apply for both Cambodian and Foreigner

Individuals must be at least 18 years old or above

Valid identity card or passport (Valid Visa)

Other documents (if any) required by MBCambodia

Interest Rate

 Term  Currency  
 Non-Term  0.75%  0.50%
 1 Month  3.50%  2.75%
 2 Months  3.75%  3.00%
 3 Months  4.50%  3.50%
 6 Months  5.00%  4.50%
 9 Months  5.75%  5.00%
 12 Months  6.00%  5.50%
 24 Months  6.75%  5.75%
36 Months  6.75%
60 Months  6.75%

How to apply

Customers can visit all branches of MBCambodia to open the account.

Please contact us via our 24/7 hotlines: +855 (0) 23 968 686